Snooker Links & Resources

The BBC’s Sport Academy is packed with excellent information and articles on how to improve your game, many of which have videos and consultations with current and former professionals like Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Williams. Check out the snooker mini-site for more information.

Two other excellent sites, both of which have detailed articles and advice on how to improve your game are Snooker Hangout and Maximum Break. The latter of which is particularly impressive, although it does require registration (which is free) to view the articles in their full glory.

Trick shots are also part of snooker’s appeal, if not necessarily a part of the competitive side, and you can find a plethora of videos showing you some of the best at the following website.

Statistical resources

  1. BBC Sport Snooker Archive – Contains the results of all ranking tournaments in 2006 and onwards, plus historical results for all the major UK tournaments.
  2. BBC Sport: Snooker – Latest news, live online footage of the World Championship, UK Championship and the Masters, plus historical footage (only for UK residents though).
  3. World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association – One of the main places to visit for snooker news worldwide.
  4. WWW Snooker – Outstanding statistical database, including historical results, rankings and biographies of top players past and present.
  5. – Management agency for the majority of snooker’s top professionals and also an excellent news website.