Steve Davis


Steve Davis is the most famous English snooker player of his generation. He has won six world titles as well as numerous international championships to the tune of some five and a half million dollars’ worth of prize money. Davis has been rated one of the top snooker players of all time, but his deadpan humour and cool playing style ensured his iconic status away from the table as well as on it, earning affectionate nicknames from ‘The Golden Nugget’ and ‘The Ginger Magician’ to the ironic Steve ‘Interesting’ Davis that Davis himself has used.


Early stages

Stephen Davis was born on the 22nd August, 1957 in Plumstead, London His father, Bill, was a keen snooker player and Davis soon followed in his footsteps. As a very successful amateur player in his youth, Davis was soon spotted and brought to the attention of sports entrepreneur Barry Hearne. Davis turned professional in 1978, winning the Pontins Open in that year before he had even properly begun his professional career. However, he failed in his first attempt on the world championship the next year in 1979, losing to Dennis Taylor in the first round.

Davis’s big break (pun intended) really came in 1980 when he won the UK Championship. After this, Davis began to accrue titles and prizes in rapid succession, and in 1981 his success in the World Championships both made him the world number one for the first time and began his astonishing run of world championships