Taking an inordinate amount of time over a shot, ungentlemanly conduct and/or unfair behaviour will all be punished by the referee with a warning, then a frame and finally the game.


A forfeited game means awarding all the remaining points on the table to the opponent.


Must avoid standing in a position which is in the line of sight of the striker, preferably sitting or standing a reasonable distance from the table.


Can only concede when the striker and if snookers are required.

The officials


Considered ‘the sole judge of fair and unfair play’ but is not permitted to advise any player on any matter not covered in the rules. However, he can take the advice of the marker, look at certain video footage or even ask well-positioned spectators to deal with an incident he/she has missed. Can also remove or obscure objects which distract the striker.


The advisor to the referee on rare occasions, but generally only keeps the score on the scoreboard.


Unsurprisingly records every shot played and notes both fouls and break totals.